Being a practitioner of Vedic sciences and Bhakti-Yoga for over 20 years, his presentations always blend tasteful artistic expression with eternal human values. As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and innovator Ananta’s inspiration is to empower innovations and groundbreaking technology that is beneficial to the world.

After graduating from college and arriving from his native Russia in 1994 he spent several years working around Hollywood studios learning the skills of audio and video production, released his first solo album and then moved to New York City where he attended NYU.

In 1997, putting all things digital aside, Ananta moved from New York to Virginia and settled down on a farm community that was built around organic farming, studies of bhakti-yoga and Vedic sciences. Centering his lifestyle around spiritual values and opportunities to learn ancient wisdom from actual practitioners, Ananta got introduced to Indian classical music and became deeply fascinated by it. Blending that interest with the background in tech and media, he was inspired to move to the Bay Area and take some vocal training at the Ali Akbar School of Music. Ananta currently lives and works in San Francisco as a multimedia producer and digital marketing consultant, he is the founder of Alike, technology startup for mobile geofencing and Vedic Renaissance Productions.