108 Blessings of a Babaji

“108 Blessings of a Babaji” is an inspiring compilation of travel photography taking you on a journey to beautiful land of India.  Venturing into the land of sages in search of traces of ancient culture, the book features intimate portraits of its residents and landscape photography of the holy places where the time seems to stop millennium ago.  All photos are captioned with descriptions explaining the meaning of rituals and traditions of Vedic culture.

Tibet: Self-Help Guide Into Cosmology of a Tanka.


This book is a tasteful blend of travel photography and a study on the cosmology of a Tibetan tanka. While doing a research on an ancient board game played in Tibetan monasteries, author travels to remote places in Himalayan mountains to meet those who still carry traces of that knowledge. Carefully made diagrams and texts accompanying them, makes this book an exiting adventure into various planes of the universe. A great introduction to a board game that is designed around space travels based on the maps of the ancient cultures.